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Hungry customers dine on Southern-style food at what the owners call the first “trailer food” in Anacortes, located on the Depot Arts Center plaza.

Lori & Mike Hayes worked together for years at The Brown Lantern, but wanted to serve up food not available anywhere else in Anacortes, so they opened the Vagabond food trailer in a temporary location.

It’s only open five days a week for lunch, but has, in the two months since opening, gained some regular customers.

Their menu features some interesting choices with names that connect to the couple’s family. There’s Pops, a bowl of andouille sausage, onions, garlic, carrots & red potatoes. Mike says his father cooked it all the time.

Another choice: Hoppin’ John’s, with black-eyed peas, ham hock on brown rice, which Mike says is something his step-father makes.

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But, Mike says the most popular dish is what Lori calls “real fried chicken,” not the kind you might get somewhere else in town. Their fried chicken has Tillamook cheddar cheese and gravy on a, yes, trailer-made biscuit. Not homemade, Lori points out, but trailer-made and, Mike says, modeled after Napa Valley Biscuits in Napa, Calif.

Lori stressed that they don’t make burgers or fish-and-chips, which you can get at more then one restaurant here.

The Vagabond is open Monday-Friday, from 11am to 5:30 pm.

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