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The United Steelworkers Union strike at Tesoro’s refinery on March Point has ended after nearly eight weeks with the union local approving an agreement.

Refinery Manager for External Affairs Matt Gill confirmed this morning that the local union membership has ratified the agreement.

“We appreciate the teamwork and dedication to safety demonstrated by our contingency workforce during this time. Employees will begin returning to work at our Anacortes facility this week,” Gill said in an email to AnacortesNow.

Details of the agreement have not been released, but the Skagit Valley The Herald quotes Steve Gary, head of the Anacortes union local as saying the agreement addresses issues such as wage increases, benefits, forced overtime, chronic understanding and daily maintenance contracting.

The national union struck nine refineries on Feb. 1 with more than 6,500 United Steelworkers on the picket lines.

Operations continued despite the strike by about 230 local members at the Tesoro refinery here.

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