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Chandler’s Square wants to build an addition to their current retirement community on O Ave. in Anacortes. They’re asking the City Council to to vacate an alley that’s between their current building and their planned addition.

Chandler’s Square is planning a 15,592 square foot “North Annex” on 12th St. between N Ave. and O Ave. It would be just north of their existing building. They are planning 25 units, ranging from 664 square feet to 880 square feet. They now have 66 units in their facility.

Chandler’s Square Executive Director Pete Kovach said they would need to build a breezeway connecting the new wing with the existing building. He said it needs to be easily navigable and at ground level. It would cross the current alley that the retirement facility is asking the city to vacate.

The City’s Board of Adjustment is recommending granting the alley vacation. Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer said Chandler’s Square is working with the city to protect a city sewer main that’s under the proposed breezeway.

No one testified against the proposal at a recent City Council public hearing. The City Council is expected to act on the request at it’s Nov. 17 meeting.

COVID-19 Cases in Skagit Co. Residents

161 Positive Cases (+1)
19 Hospitalized (+1)
4 Deaths
709 Tested as of 4/3
22.3% Tested Positive

Updated April 4, 2020

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