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Governor Christine Gregoire made a last-minute campaign stop in Anacortes on the day before Election Day. She and Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Rick Larsen spoke to about 150 Democrats and union workers at the Croatian Cultural Center.

Saying “We need to have a partner in the White House,” Gregoire urged that Barack Obama be elected President and that the voters return Gregoire to Olympia. She said “I’m looking forward to the day when a helicopter on the back lawn of the White House takes President Bush home.”

On her opponent, Republican Dino Rossi, she said “He does not represent our state.” She said “Do not take this state backwards.” She said electing Rossi would undue such benefits as the state’s minimum wage, health coverage for children, and affordable college education.

The Governor was optimistic about a Democratic sweep in Olympia, as well as the nation, saying “I feel an energy; an energy that I’ve not felt before.” She added, “We want to be admired around the globe again.”

Congressman Larsen, looking at the overflow crowd at the Croatian Cultural Center, said “We need this kind of turnout in the next 24 hours” to get the Governor re-elected and Obama elected.

Senator Patty Murray said “I know Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I’m so excited about them. I know they are going to represent this country.”

Gregoire’s husband, Mike, appeared at the event, then headed off to lunch at Whitney School, then a tour of Anacortes High School.

Christine Gregoire was a half-hour late when left for Bellingham and a rally at Western Washington Univ. She had still other campaign appearances set today, too.

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