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An Anacortes Police officer counseled a teenager on making better life choices after he was caught stealing lighters from a local retailer.

Just before 2PM on Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018 APD Officers responded to a local retailer to speak with a 17-year-old male theft suspect. The suspect had stolen $36 worth of lighters to repay his friends for lighters he had borrowed from them. The suspect was counseled about making better life choices and taken into custody for theft. He was later released and told that the charging paperwork will be coming in the mail.

Here are some other cases Anacortes Police reported this week.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

At 11:00 Saturday morning, an APD Officer on patrol at the intersection of 28th Street and J Avenue observed a heavily damaged sports car driven by a man thought to have a suspended driver’s license based on a registration check of the vehicle returning to a local 57-year-old matching the driver’s description. The officer pulled the car over and told the man why he stopped him. The driver admitted that he knew his license was suspended because he didn’t pay a speeding ticket. He was taken into custody without incident, cited, and released.

Just before 8PM on Saturday, the APD K-9 Officer pulled a speeding SUV over on State Route 20 near Fidalgo Bay Road. The driver, a 56-year-old from Oak Harbor, said he didn’t realize he was speeding and apologized to the officer. A routine driver’s check revealed that his license was suspended, a fact the driver claimed to know nothing about. K-9 T-Bone was deployed on the outside of the car and he displayed behavior consistent with the presence of illegal narcotics by the front door. The driver, now in custody for driving while license suspended, did not provide permission to search the car so he was released from the scene and walked away on foot. The car was impounded and officers later applied for a search warrant to search the SUV for illicit drugs.

Just before 10PM on Saturday, an APD Corporal responded to the 2300 block of D Avenue. Two calls were received by 911 dispatch a few minutes earlier and upon callback the caller stated that there were no problems and they intended to call “411”, not “911”. The Corporal responded to the home to make sure everything was alright and he observed a woman walking in the front yard of the home. A routine check revealed that the 32-year-old had two arrest warrants and she was taken into custody without incident and booked in jail.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Some stray chickens were reportedly loose on K Avenue on Sunday morning. The reporting party was unable to determine who they belonged to and opted to use social media in an attempt to find their rightful owner.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Just after 7PM on Monday, an APD Officer responded to a local grocery store to take custody of a small baggie of methamphetamine that was discovered by store staff in the parking lot. The store had no way of identifying where the baggie came from or who it belonged to.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Kingsway resident called police on Tuesday morning to report that approximately a week prior, someone had cut a link in a chain securing the spare tire on his utility trailer. No further damage or missing items were reported and no one was in the area after the incident.

A 38-year-old Bellingham woman was issued a ticket for failure to yield the right of way on Tuesday evening after she caused a two-car non-injury accident at Sharpes corner by pulling into the roundabout in front of an older model Honda sedan that was exiting to go towards Oak Harbor.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Just before 8:30 on Wednesday morning, an APD Officer on patrol on highway 20 contacted the driver of an older model Chevy sedan who was driving well under the posted speed limit. The driver, a 24-year-old woman from Oak Harbor, returned with a suspended driver’s license, so the officer pulled her over. The driver told the officer that she knew she should not be driving and later admitted that her license was suspended because of unpaid tickets. She was arrested, cited, and released for driving while license suspended and agreed to have a friend pick her up from the scene.

Ten dollars’ worth of personal items were stolen by the suspect in a theft case early Wednesday afternoon. The suspect, a 21-year-old from Oak Harbor, set off the theft detector at a local retailer when she tried to walk out the door with the item she concealed in her purse. Store staff contacted the woman and she was cooperative with police, stating that she did not have the money for the item at the moment. She was cited for theft and banned from the store, then released from the scene.

While on bike patrol, an APD Officer recognized a local 41-year-old man known to police and had dispatch run a check on him. The check returned with an Anacortes Municipal Court warrant and he was taken into custody. As the officer was arresting the man, he stated that he was a regular heroin user and a search incident to arrest revealed that he had a drug straw with burn marks and drug residue in it. A search of the man’s backpack revealed further drug paraphernalia including aluminum foil and used syringes and needles. He was later booked and released on his warrant and given a copy of his citation for drug paraphernalia.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Just before 2AM on Thursday, an APD Officer responded to the 1100 block of 27th Court to speak with a man who was banging loudly on the front door of his residence and waking the neighbors. An officer spoke with the 27-year-old man who said he was trying to wake his wife so she could let him in. A routine check of his record returned with an Anacortes Municipal Court warrant but the jail decline to accept him. He was booked and released on his warrant and he agreed to appear at his court date in late November. A few minutes later, the neighbor called 911 dispatch again to state that the man was knocking at the door again. An officer went back to the scene but the man had been allowed into the residence by that time.

Friday, November 16, 2018

A 20-year-old Oak Harbor man was ticketed for following too close after he rear-ended a sedan slowing for traffic near the intersection of highway 20 and Reservation Road. None of the vehicle occupants were injured, however both vehicles were damaged extensively and had to be towed from the scene.

Note: Anacortes Police Department policy is to not include names or addresses of businesses or individuals that call 911 for police assistance, though this information is a matter of public record.

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