Police Beat

Anacortes Police had to take a police cruiser out of service after a suspect kicked out a window after he was placed in the police car.

On October 1, a resident of the 3800 block of V Avenue reported hearing squealing tires and what sounded like a crash near the cemetery.  Officers contacted a man standing near a Honda that was significantly damaged at Hillcrest and V Avenue.  The man was agitated and said that he had been run off of the road.  The man smelled of intoxicants and had slurred speech.  The man admitted he had been drinking and performed poorly on a filed sobriety test.  The man was placed under arrest for drunk driving but resisted being handcuffed.  A small amount of suspected marijuana was located in the man’s pocket and a marijuana pipe in his car during a search incident to arrest.  After being placed into the officer’s patrol car the man kicked out a rear door window causing the police car to be taken out of service.  The man was processed for drunk driving and provided two breath samples over the legal limit as well as admitting to smoking marijuana earlier in the night.  The man was cited for DUI and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and booked into jail for felony malicious mischief for damaging the police car. 

Here are the other items on this week's Police Blotter:

September 27

Neighbors in the 1400 block of 36th Street reported seeing a man drag a woman out of a pickup truck and then chase the woman around the yard.  It was further reported that the man had punched the woman after pulling her from the car and that he had also thrown something at her.  Officers contacted the 41-year-old woman in the front yard of her house but she denied any assault had occurred.  The woman had fresh scratches on her arms and legs but she claimed that she had received the scratches while doing yard work.  Officers located a 29-year-old man behind the house who appeared to be trying to hide.  The man said that he was the woman’s boyfriend, and he admitted to pulling the woman from the car after she refused to exit the vehicle.  The man also said he had thrown the keys to the truck, but he denied throwing them at the woman.  The man had a warrant for his arrest and it was also discovered that there was a no-contact order in effect that prohibited the man from being with the woman.  He was placed under arrest and booked into jail on domestic violence assault charges and violating the court order.  The woman continued to be uncooperative in the investigation.          

A Guemes Island woman reported the theft of her wallet from an unlocked pickup that had been parked in the 900 block of 6th Street.  The wallet had been left on the seat of the truck and contained her social security card, credit cards, and approximately $20.00 in cash.   

Officers responded to a motel in the 2900 block of Commercial Avenue after a female guest reported that her boyfriend had “beat” her.  Officers had dealt with the woman earlier in the day after she had broke out the bathroom window of her room because of her claim she had gotten trapped in the bathroom.  The woman appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and possibly had some mental health issues.  The woman claimed her boyfriend had slapped her on the bottom before he walked away from the motel.  The boyfriend was contacted outside of the motel a short time later and he denied slapping the woman.  The man claimed that he had been trying to avoid the woman throughout the day because she had been acting “weird.”  Insufficient evidence existed to arrest the man, but he returned his room key and agreed to sleep in the couple’s car for the night.      

September 28

An employee of a gas station in the 1300 block of Commercial Avenue reported that broke open fire extinguisher cabinet and discharged the fire extinguisher into a mounting box and garbage can during the previous night.  

An Anacortes woman reported that someone had entered her car the previous night while it was parked in a parking lot in the 800 block of 29th Street and tampered with the wiring under the dash.  Nothing was stolen from the car and it was learned that the car would not run due to having a dead battery.  The woman said that this was the second time that she believed that someone had tried to steal the car.  

A Seattle man reported the theft of his 2008 Harley Davidson motorcycle sometime during the afternoon on Oyster Run Sunday.  The man had parked the motorcycle in the 1100 block of Q Avenue.  The man still had the keys and he said that no one had permission to take the motorcycle.  The bike was valued at $40,000.

A man reported a dog was inside of a car with the windows rolled up in the 1200 block of N Avenue and that the dog looked like it was dead.  The dog turned out to be a stuffed animal. 

A Bellingham man riding a motorcycle suffered a serious head injury when his head hit the pavement after his motorcycle swerved and struck the raised lane divider on R Avenue at 22nd Street causing the motorcycle to crash.  The man was later airlifted to a Seattle hospital.  His wife was a passenger on the bike, but she was not seriously injured. 

A 52-year-old Everett man riding a motorcycle crashed into the side of an unoccupied parked Dodge Durango at the intersection of 9th Street and Q Avenue.  The man suffered facial cuts and also received a citation for not having a motorcycle endorsement for his driver’s license. 

An 18-year-old Anacortes man reported the theft of his $300 mountain bike after leaving it parked at the Anacortes High School. 

A 37-year-old Anacortes woman was arrested for allegedly hitting her boyfriend in the face and cutting his lip.  The man reported that the assault had occurred at a downtown bar and that when they returned to their apartment the woman would not let him leave.  The man had a visible cut to his lip.  The woman claimed that she and the man had been involved in a mutual struggle.  A friend who had been at the apartment also said that he had witnessed the couple “wrestling around.”  Based upon the man’s injury, the woman was arrested for domestic violence assault and booked into jail. 

September 29

A 29-year-old Anacortes woman was taken to the emergency room for a mental health evaluation after she had allegedly been suicidal at her apartment and chased a friend with a knife.  While at the hospital, the woman tried to push her way out of a secure examination room.  It was also reported that the woman had kicked a male nurse in the groin and a female nurse in the thigh.  The woman told an officer that she had intentionally kicked the medical staff members because she didn’t like them.  Possible assault charges are pending against the woman depending on her mental health status. 

A 44-year-old Anacortes man was taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation after his mother called and reported the man had been making suicidal comments at his home in the 1900 block of 9th Street.  Numerous beer cans littered the man’s living area and he answered officer’s questions in nonsensical fashion.  The man told officers to “take him away” at which time the officers complied. 

An employee of a medical services business in the 1000 block of 20th Street reported that someone had stolen two wheelchairs valued at approximately $200 each.  The wheelchairs were located near a staircase on the lower level of the office. 

Extra patrol was requested for the 1300 block of L Avenue after it was reported that several Obama political signs had been stolen. 

September 30

Anacortes Police officers assisted Swinomish Tribal Police in the arrest of a 20-year-old Anacortes man from a car that had been stopped on State Route 20.  The man had several warrants for his arrest and initially lied to officers about his identity.  The driver and two other passengers in the car were also arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. 

A 29-year-old Anacortes woman reported that she believed her 19-year-old nephew had stolen a bottle of prescription medication from her apartment in the 800 block of Commercial Avenue.  A friend of the victim had witnessed the nephew picking up the bottle a short time before it was discovered missing.  Contact with the suspect is pending.

October 1

An employee at a business in the 1600 block of R Avenue reported that someone had stolen her MP3 player and prescription glasses valued at $250 from her desktop.  The building had secured entrances and it was learned that no one had been in the building except employees and regular visitors. 

Later, another employee heard about the first theft and checked her purse.  She discovered she was missing a debit card from her purse that she usually kept hung on her cubicle wall.  The woman checked with her bank, but there had been no unauthorized charges.  She cancelled the card.  Both incidents are under internal investigation.

An Anacortes man reported that he was reviewing his credit card activity on line and discovered two unauthorized charges.  The man did some checking and found that two new internet provider accounts had been opened in his name using his credit card number.  The man said that no one had been authorized to use his credit card information.  It is unknown where the fraudulent activity originated.   

October 2

An employee of a medical business in the 2600 block of M Avenue reported that in the past two weeks several items had disappeared from the locked office of the business.  The missing items included a photograph, a bird figurine, and two rolls of stamps.  The employee reported that the office was always locked when unattended.  The matter is under investigation.

A 14-year-old boy was taken to the high school office after a staff member found him walking around outside of the school smelling of marijuana.  School officials found a tin box containing a small amount of marijuana on the boy.  An officer arrived and the boy told him that he had bought the marijuana and smoked some earlier in the day.  The boy was referred to juvenile court for possession of marijuana. 

A car driven east on State Route 20 by a 45-year-old Mount Vernon woman failed to stop for the red light and struck a car driven by a 66-year-old La Conner man who was turning onto Reservation Road.  The female driver suffered a possible knee injury and her 38-year-old passenger suffered a possible elbow injury.  They were both transported to the hospital for treatment.  The male driver was also taken to the hospital for chest pain.                                  

Officers were dispatched to a home in the 200 block of Down Jones Way regarding a dispute between a 15-year-old girl and her mother.  The confrontation had stemmed from the mother finding a suspected marijuana pipe in her daughter’s jacket.  The daughter said that she was upset at her mother for entering her room and going through her property.  The daughter reportedly swore at her mother which resulted in her mother slapping her.  There was no sign of injury to the girl and it was determined that no crime had occurred.  Both parties agreed to go to bed for the night.    

October 3

A security guard discovered a broken window on a Ford Explorer parked in the 1200 block of 26th Street.  The owner was located and advised of the damage.  She checked her vehicle and found nothing missing.  It was unknown what was used to break the glass.