Police Blotter, May 31 - June 6, 2024

Police Blotter, May 31 - June 6, 2024

Friday, May 31, 2024

Dispatch received an anonymous report of a physical fight in the 1600 block of 20th Street between several people. Officers arrived and observed several people running around the area, and the reporting party had reported someone was face down on the ground. Officers spoke to the people on scene and learned that a man the witnesses did not know had shown up and started yelling at people at a party. One witness said there was no fight and that nothing physical had occurred, and that the man who showed up was just trying to act tough and was yelling. A woman who was reportedly shoved denied having been shoved. The people who had arrived uninvited left prior to APD arrival, and no other reports about them were received.

Saturday, June 1, 2024

APD officers were dispatched to a removal detail at Island Health. An employee reported a drunk male running around the hospital’s hallways and yelling. He was identified as the man acting aggressively in the above call. Dispatch advised that he had a warrant for fourth-degree assault out of Sedro-Woolley. Officers located him on the north side of the hospital, and he immediately ran to the north and hid in a residential area. Officers searched the area and were alerted by a homeowner that the man was likely hiding in a shed on the homeowner’s property. They took him into custody on his warrant and additional charges of obstructing a law enforcement officer and first-degree criminal trespass.

Sunday, June 2, 2024

A Coupeville woman advised of a theft of her purse on May 31 while her car was parked in a local store parking lot. She stated that she left her car running due to car issues when she entered the store, leaving a door unlocked. When she returned, she didn’t find anything missing, but, the next day, she could not find her purse. The store did not have the purse, and the responding officer advised her to cancel all her cards. The responding officer provided the reporting party with a case number and instructed her to call dispatch if any attempts are made to use her cards.

Monday, June 3, 2924

The reporting party wanted to know what could be done about neighborhood cats eating ducklings at a pond near Vista Lane. The responding officer explained that there is no leash law for cats, and the reporting party suggested that he shoot them with a pellet rifle or trap them and drop them off somewhere else. The responding officer advised that these actions are crimes. They discussed options to haze the cats with sprinklers and loud noise.

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Dispatch advised of a fraud complaint in the 3200 block of M Avenue. The officer contacted the reporting party at the APD, who reported he had fallen victim to a cryptocurrency hacker. He said he had reported the fraud to IC3.gov, which instructed him to make a report to local law enforcement as well. He said he had cryptocurrency in a company that went bankrupt, and as part of the bankruptcy process, he was set to receive more than $68,000. He had clicked a link in a legitimate-looking piece of correspondence that resembled other messages he had received from legitimate senders. He got a scam notification and backed out, but eventually went through with the transaction process. He did not end up receiving the money due to him and suspected that the action had given access to his other crypto wallets. He was in the process of creating new wallets to replace the compromised ones. The officer explained the difficulty in tracking crypto funds.

Wednesday, June 5,2024

An officer was dispatched to a pending malicious mischief complaint at Storvik Park in which markings had been made on picnic tables. The officer responded to the park and took photographs of the markings and documented them.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

An Anacortes woman called in regarding a drug problem in the 1300 block of 16th Street. She believed there were kids “shooting up.” The responding officer checked the address and found a juvenile who was helping an elderly neighbor move items with his mother.