Police Beat

Vandals hit areas around Anacortes High School and Seahawk Stadium with graffiti on Graduation Night last week, leaving behind destruction that will take several thousands of dollars and many hours to clean.

The district is working closely with the Anacortes Police Department to find the suspects. 

We requested copies of APD photos, but they denied the request. 

“We are deeply disappointed in the destruction and blatant disregard for this tremendous community asset,” said Superintendent Mark Wenzel. “However, we are thankful for the many hours our maintenance staff have put into the cleanup effort to try to get the stadium back to its original condition.” 

AHS students went down to the site on Thursday to thank the maintenance staff for their hard work. 

Areas around the stadium, including the stairs, curbs, retaining walls and ticket booth, were covered with black spray paint, according to Marty Yates, maintenance supervisor. Staff are working to find materials and equipment needed to get the site back to its original condition. 

The district expects the perpetrators to pay for the damage, and will work with police and prosecutors to ensure that the district is reimbursed for its costs. If anyone has any information regarding the vandalism, please contact the Anacortes Police Department at (360) 293-4684.