Police Beat

An employee of a business on the 1500 block of Commercial Avenue called the police Thursday evening when her unoccupied vehicle was struck by a Chevy Trailblazer. Officers responded and discovered the vehicle traveling away from the scene and later determined that the driver did not exchange information with the victim. Officers contacted the driver, a 47-year-old La Conner woman, at a residence on the 2000 block of M Avenue. The woman demonstrated symptoms of intoxication such as droopy, watery eyes, and a flushed face. The subject agreed to a field sobriety test in which she demonstrated a lack of balance and ability to follow simple instructions given by the officer. The subject's preliminary breath test resulted in a reading of over three times the legal limit to safely operate a motor vehicle. The woman was charged with Hit-and-Run Unattended and DUI. She was then booked into the Skagit County Jail.

Here are some of the other cases Anacortes Police worked on this week.

Saturday, September 20

11:59 am.  An Anacortes woman contacted police to report that her juvenile daughter was in possession of alcohol. The juvenile subject had been released from juvenile detention the previous day with the condition that she not posses intoxicants. An officer took the juvenile into custody and transported her to Juvenile Detention for violating the conditions of her release.

3:35 pm.  A 41-year-old Anacortes woman was arrested and taken into custody by an Anacortes officer following a report of a woman walking on K Avenue screaming obscenities. When the officers initially contacted the woman, she was holding an open knife and cutting into an apple. The officers instructed her to put the knife away and she complied. Through the course of the interview, the woman made several statements that did not seem to make sense. The officers intended to do a book-and-release on the woman for Disorderly Conduct but she flailed her arms and reached towards her rear pocket where she had placed her knife. As a result, the officer was forced to go hands on with her and transported her to the Skagit County Jail with charges of Resisting Arrest.

Sunday, September 21

2:58 am.  Anacortes Police Officers were dispatched to Cranberry Lake Road for a possible accident. The officers located a 1998 Oldsmobile that had crashed into the bushes on the west side of the gravel road leading to the Cranberry Lake parking lot. The officers approached three males and one female subject who initially stated that they were only trying to get the vehicle out of the bushes and none of them had been driving. Upon further investigation, the officers determined that all of the subjects, 3 juveniles, and an 18-year-old male, had been drinking. The 18-year-old had been driving at the time of the incident and was charged with DUI Driver Under 21 Years Old and a driving infraction for Negligent Driving. The three juveniles were charged with Minor in Possession of Alcohol. All subjects were released to sober adults.

1:46 pm.  An Anacortes woman contacted the Anacortes Police to report a call from a person with a strong accent that stated she was approved for a $7,000 government grant. The caller asked the woman for $140 in return for the grant. The woman did not comply with the caller's request. She was directed to www.ic3.gov to report the incident.

Tuesday, September 23

4:51 pm.  A 51-year-old Anacortes woman reported her son, a juvenile, was throwing things around the residence when he discovered that the power cord for an electronic gaming device was missing. The juvenile was taken into custody and transported to the Skagit County Juvenile Detention Center. This was the subject's second Domestic Violence Malicious Mischief in the 3rd Degree in the past two weeks.

10:25 pm.  An Anacortes woman reported a bike stolen from her residence on the 1000 block of 27th Street sometime between the hours of 4:30 PM and 9 PM on September 23rd. The mountain bike had been secured to a bike rack outside her residence and the bike locked remained intact but the bike was missing. There are no suspects in this case.

Wednesday, September 24

7:46 pm.  An Anacortes Police Sergeant was on uniformed patrol at the intersection of Commercial Avenue and 32nd Street when a blue Ford Explorer pulled out in front of him causing him to apply his brakes to avoid a collision. He pulled the vehicle over and spoke with the 18-year-old Anacortes woman who was driving. The sergeant detected an odor of marijuana in the vehicle and subsequently searched it after achieving a permission to search form for the vehicle. The search resulted in the seizure of a baggie of marijuana, hash oil, and various paraphernalia items. The driver was placed under arrest and charged for Possession and Failure to Yield Right of Way, then released from the scene.

Thursday, September 25

9:33 am.  Anacortes police responded to a report of a camp set up on the trail near R Avenue. The female subject was removing her items from the bushes when officers arrived and she was informed that she was not allowed to camp in the area. All of the items were removed without incident and the subject went on her way.

2:22 pm.  The Anacortes PD Animal Control Officer was dispatched to Storvik Park for a report of a loose dog. The reporting party had control of the Chihuahua upon the officer's arrival. The officer was able to contact the owner via phone because the dog was micro-chipped. The officer advised the owner to obtain an updated city dog license, proof of rabies, and pay the impound fee since the dog had been taken to the pound. 

Friday, September 26

11:19 am.  An officer on patrol at the intersection of 22nd Street and Commercial recognized the male driver of a black Mazda pickup as a subject with a suspended license. Upon observing the officer pull to the side of the road, the driver jumped out of his vehicle and took off on foot northbound on Commercial Avenue. The female passenger of the vehicle then got into the driver's seat and was pulled over for a broken windshield and cited for no insurance, no registration, and a badly cracked windshield.

The officer then went to a nearby worksite, where he knew the male subject had been working, to speak with his supervisor. The officer noticed the subject on the roof of the building and ordered him down, where he was taken into custody and given a criminal citation for Driving with License Suspended 3rd Degree and a traffic citation for leaving an unattended vehicle on the highway.