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As Red States Push Strident Abortion Bans, Other Restrictions Suddenly Look Less Extreme

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority has yet to make clear its stand on Roe v. Wade. But state lawmakers aren’t waiting to consider a variety of extreme measures: bills that would ban abortions in cases of ectopic pregnancies, allow rapists’ families to object to terminating a victim’s pregnancy, or prohibit the procedure in the case of fetal disability. Do these proposals make the less extreme restrictions seem more mainstream?

Three Ways to Cope with the New Now

With the many difficult changes and current events that have transpired in the last couple of years, many Americans have found it difficult to cope with stress and sustain healthy mental health habits.

COVID case rate improves in Skagit County

Skagit County’s 7-day case rate has decreased by 32 percent since last week; our 7-day hospitalization rate did not change. Sadly, 6 new COVID-related deaths were reported. 

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