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The recent winter storms cost the city about $30,000 for overtime pay, sand, rock salt and fuel. The city spread more than 500 tons of sand on city streets. 

City street sweepers have started cleaning up the more than 500 tons of sand the city spread on snow- and ice-covered streets over the past two weeks. The city has spend about $30,000 for overtime pay, sand, rock salt and fuel since the first winter storm hit on Dec. 13.

The city took numerous calls complaining about the icy streets, but Mayor Dean Maxwell said “I think every city in the Northwest is in the same situation.” He stressed that the city has more than 277 lane-miles of streets to keep clear. As far, he said, as it is from Mount Vernon to Pasco.

While the city doesn’t own a snowplow, the Anacortes School District does and they loaned theirs to the city. That snowplow covered many of the city’s main streets, but also responded to individual requests to plow and sand side streets. The snowplow responded to one request within 30 minutes of a phone call to city hall.

The city responded to the storm in other ways, too. The police pushed a lot of stuck cars out of the snow and helped motorists put chains on tires. The fire department dealt with frozen and broken water pipes.