Community News

A break in the snow is coming. But, meanwhile snow showers are expected to continue today. One backyard weather station in town has recorded 6.5 inches of snow in the past 48 hours.

(Looking south on Commercial as the sun starts to break through)

The weather service is forecasting an end to the snowfall later Thursday, with the next snow expected as early as Saturday night. Meantime, they’re forecasting a high of 31 today, just below freezing. The winter weather warning has been cancelled. But, there’s a possibility of high winds today.

Driving is still a problem in Anacortes, with snow on top of ice on most streets. The school district is helping out by using their snowplow on city streets. The city doesn’t have a snowplow of it’s own.

The state transportation department issue two advisories for people driving beyond Anacortes.

One advisory suggested staying off highway 20 in particular, saying “We received a lot of new snow overnight, and our maintenance crews tell us this morning that the highways are icy throughout Island and Skagit counties. Until we can get the roads cleared, we are advising drivers to reschedule trips and avoid driving unless it is absolutely necessary. If you do have to drive, use extreme caution.”

The other advisory suggested that travelers check road conditions ahead. “Widespread snowfall today has created tricky conditions for drivers. Stay off the roads if you can. But if you must venture out please check your entire commute.”