Community News

The National Weather Service says the longest stretch of cold weather since 1990 is on the way to our area. Coming with it is a chance of snow, but the real story here is the bitterly cold temperatures expected.

An Arctic air mass has started streaming into Skagit County. Temperatures are expected to fall below freezing Saturday night and may not go above freezing again until next weekend, at the earliest. In addition windy conditions are expected to be with us this weekend.

Currently, the forecast for Anacortes and Western Skagit County calls for a low of 25 degrees Saturday night, then 20 degrees Sunday night, and possibly 18 degrees on Monday night.

The possibility of snow showers, combined with below freezing temperatures could create slippery roads and sidewalks. Any roads that are wet will quickly become icy and dangerous. The temperatures could also purse outdoor pipes and endanger pets, as well.

To top things off, another weather system on Wednesday could produce the threat of snow across Western Skagit County.