Community News

County Commissioners are scheduled to set new fares for the Guemes Island ferry on Tuesday. And, the commissioners are expected to also decide whether to make the extended weekday evening service permanent at the same meeting. 

The County Public Works Department has recommended new fares, including an increase in walk-on fares and a decrease in car-and-driver fares over what the County had earlier considered.

Under the proposed new fares, a car-and-driver would cost $7.75 in winter and $9.75 in summer. A walk-on passenger would pay $2.25 in winter and $3.25 in summer. Senior fares would be $1 in winter and $2 in summer. Summer fares would be effective from May 20 - Sept. 10.

The department is proposing 10-trip punch cards at $69.75 for car and driver, $54 for senior and disabled. Also available would be 25-trip punch cards at $50 for adult passengers. No senior discounts for multi-trip punch cards.

The Commissioners have also indicated they will made a decision next Tuesday on whether to make the two-year test of weekday evening trips permanent. That program has raised objections from many Guemes Islanders. The Public Works Department is proposing that the schedule be made permanent.  Friends of Guemes Island reacted, “We are shocked, disappointed and dismayed.”