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School leaders say electronic devices have become a problem in Anacortes’ schools and are asking the School Board to impose new limitations.

Anacortes High School assistant principal Monica Bauer says the devices are causing problems, including harassment in the classroom, sometimes graphic text messages, and a potential for cheating.

She said “The potential for cheating is greatly enhanced when electronic devices are available in the classroom.”

She says it’s impossible for teachers to monitor what’s going on in the classroom when students are texting each other.

Bauer pointed out that the current cell phone policy hasn’t kept up with technology now that electronic devices have advanced capabilities, such as music playing, movie viewing and Internet access.

A presentation Bauer prepared for the School Board also pointed out:

  • Our students are clearly retreating and disconnecting.
  • Many students do not have the advantage of parental guidance and coaching.
  • Our lenient policy is negatively impacting students, academically and socially.

The high school has already put stricter policies in place, but Bauer asked the School Board to approve District-wide policies. Last week the Board did approve, on first reading, a set of policies that limit use of electronic devices during class time.