Community News


The City Council is considering a request to give up (or vacate) a right-of-way for 30th St. between Commercial Ave. and Q Ave, the area shown here.

City Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer told the Council at Monday night’s meeting that the city isn’t using the 80-foot wide right-of-way easement granted in the 1890’s for a street. Instead, most of the area is grassed over and blocked to traffic.

He said two of the three property owners favor the city giving up the right-of-way. It is owned by the abutting property owners since the city never actually purchased the land for a street.

Steve Mansfield, representing the two property owners, said they would like to use the area for a commercial development. He said “perhaps a bit like the Windermere business park across Commercial Ave.”

During Council discussion, Erica Pickett suggested the Council require or request the developer to set aside some sort of walking path from Commercial to Q Ave. Cynthia Richardson agreed “We don’t want to cut off pedestrian connections.”

But, Mayor Dean Maxwell said he didn’t think the Council could add conditions to a street vacation and suggested “thinking about this may serve us.” He added “I feel a bit uncertain not knowing what their plan looks like.”

Mansfield told the Council their plans are open because they haven’t been certain they could get the city to give up the street right-of-way.

But, Bill Turner said “I’m excited they have put something together” and that he was ready to vote to approve. He pointed out that it is sometimes difficult for developers to put the right size properties together for commercial development.

In the end, the Council deferred action for two weeks.