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Proposed zoning controls for Old Town won the support of everyone that testified at the City Council public hearing Monday night.

Anacortes resident Al Johnson probably said it all. “The City deserves a thanks you” for an ordinance that is “reasonable, balanced and fair.”

City consultant Mark Hinshaw introduced the ordinance by saying “This has been a very rewarding and interesting process.” He added “This gives the community a sense of safe-keeping.” He praised the city for getting ahead of a potential problem, one which, he said, many other cities have tried to clean up too late.

The proposed ordinance includes a height limit of 25 feet unless strict guidelines are met. New construction could be allowed up to 35 feet if the requirements are met. The city-wide height limit is currently 35 feet.

Bunny Heiner said “I’m very much in favor of the overlay ordinance as written. I urge you to pass it as it is.”

“Anacortes is at the forefront of a movement,” said Arlene French, who also endorsed the so-called overlay ordinance. She said “Our goal is to recognize a unique heritage.”

Boshie Morris, another Old Town resident, said “We’ve come a very long way with this process.” She shared that she wasn’t very optimistic when it started last December, but she supports this ordinance.

Lawrence Heiner said “I commend the wonderful work and progress the city has put forward.” He added “This is what we should adopt for the area.”

Realtor Curt Oppel said he was concerned that the ordinance doesn’t allow Planned Unit Developments in Old Town. “There isn’t any reason PUDs couldn’t fit in this area. There has to be some flexibility.”

The City Council will take written comments until 5 PM on August 29. It will come up for City Council action on September 15.