Community News

The Port of Anacortes and the City of Anacortes have both won awards recently. 

The Port has won an award from the American Association of Port Authorities for the Fidalgo Bay Eelgras Mitigation Project at Pier 1. his award is one of four given in the “Environmental Improvement Awards” category.

The project was constructed by the Port’s Engineering Department in 2007 as mitigation for impacts to eelgrass resulting from dredging the Dakota Creek Industries ship basins for Project Pier 1. The mitigation project is unique because it is large enough to allow for advance compensation for impacts to eelgrass that could result from future Port dredging projects.

Port staff will receive the award at the annual AAPA convention in Anchorage Alaska this September.

Meanwhile, the City of Anacortes is one of 28 Washington cities and towns to receive recognition for its workplace wellness program. This is the fifth consecutive year that the City has been recognized as a WellCity by the Association of Washington Cities.

The WellCity award goes to cities and towns that achieve a standard of excellence in employee health promotion. The Anacortes Wellness Committee comprises an employee from each location and together they work on health promotions through out the year.

Some of the programs offered to employees include health screenings every other year, walking programs, strength training and exercise classes and smoking cessation classes. The City has just finished a six-week program called “Health Habits for Live,” a healthy eating and fitness program designed to change improve behaviors related to health.