Community News

After a series of complaints, the City Council has moved to stop people from living in their cars and RVs on city streets.

The Council on Monday night passed an ordinance which would prohibit the use of a vehicle as a temporary residence on any city street or right-of-way without a permit.

Police Chief Bonnie Bowers told the Council that there have been instances where people live in their cars or mobile homes in unsanitary conditions. She said there have been a few cases where neighbors have been bothered by people living in their cars on city streets.

Cynthia Richardson said “I think we’ve needed this for a long time.” And, she added that visitors to Anacortes with RVs should park on private property, when possible.

According to Nick Petrish, “We’ve had problems between Fourth and Fifth for months now and this is a source of irritation.”

The ordinance will require a permit to park and live in a vehicle on a city street. The City Planning Director will handle permits and they will be good for only three weeks per calendar year.

Chief Bowers said the ordinance isn’t designed to prevent out of town relatives from visiting their family members here and parking in front of their family’s home.

The ordinance allows the City to fine a violator $50 and towing and storage fees and it allows the City to impound vehicles used as temporary residents on city streets.