Community News

Peregrine falcons nesting on Mt. Erie have hatched two health chicks, according to Jon Lunsford, the manager of the Anacortes Forest Lands. 

Lunsford said biologists from the state Department of Fish and Wildlife have observed the chicks and estimate they are about four weeks old. Lunsford added “We hope that the chicks will continue to develop and leave the nest around the end of July.”

Peregrine falcons were delisted as an endangered species in 1999. They are now listed as a sensitive species and Fish and Wildlife has recommended guidelines for buffers around the nesting areas.

Lunsford said “Our ongoing thanks to all the climbers and climbing organizations that have helped spread the word about falcons on Mt. Erie and our request to avoid the nesting area."


The city has released a photo of the nesting area, called the Skyline Arete area, that the city is asking people to avoid. The area where the falcons are nesting is fairly isolated. Avoiding it should fairly easy for climbers.