Community News

The School Board has decided to go ahead with much-needed re-roofing at two schools, but it won’t happen until next summer.

Re-roofing Mount Erie Elementary and Anacortes High schools was on the Anacortes School District’s wish list when they went for a bond issue earlier this year. But, the voters turned down the bond issue.

The School Board agreed Thursday night to go ahead with the repairs. District Operations Director Dale Bowen presented two options to the school board. One was to work with a King County cooperative to get the work done this summer or put the work out to bid.

Bowen indicated the King County work would cost more but be done faster, while putting the matter out to bid would take several months with the work being done next summer, but would cost less, based on estimates.

The project would have cost roughly $800,000 this summer, or could cost about $650,000 next summer.

Board President Carol Pyke favored the less expensive proposal because she likes using local contractors whenever possible.