School District launches new YouTube channel

School District launches new YouTube channel

In announcing the new channel, the Anacortes School District says it will serve, " a dynamic platform where transparency, engagement, and innovation unite."

Going forward, School Board meetings will be broadcast live and archived. Formerly reliant on Zoom, ASD's storage limitations hindered the district from storing the extensive recording files without costly expansions. With YouTube's cost-free accessibility, the district eliminates licensing expenses, resulting in substantial annual savings for the district.

Furthermore, the district says, they, "...look forward to enriching the channel with diverse content from our schools."

As of June 2024, according to RCW 42.30.035, all regular and special meetings of school district boards of directors in Washington state, where final action is taken or formal public testimony is accepted, must be audio recorded. While these recordings are now "encouraged" under recent changes to the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA), ASD's initiative goes a step further by making meeting recordings readily available online.

ASD says, "Live streaming school board meetings allows the Anacortes community to witness the decision-making processes in real time. This move demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high levels of transparency and accountability. Stakeholders, including parents, students, and community members, can observe discussions and decisions as they happen, ensuring they are informed about actions affecting the school district."

In addition, parents, students, and community members worldwide can now participate in ASD discussions and stay informed. Individuals with disabilities, mobility issues, or other barriers to physical attendance can access meetings more easily, promoting inclusivity.

The new YouTube channel will ensure that parents, students, and community members who cannot attend meetings in person due to distance, work, or other commitments can still participate. This platform significantly enhances the viewing experience for deaf or hearing-impaired families by providing real-time automated closed captioning. Furthermore, YouTube supports closed captioning in over 80 languages, allowing a vast global audience to access and understand video content in their preferred language.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to become an integral part of this vibrant community. Subscribers will receive reminders about upcoming board meetings and important updates.