High School students need transportation, you can help

High School students need transportation, you can help

The effort to raise funds to pay for two Ford Transit-style vans is being led by the AHS PTSA in the wake of budget cuts in the school district budget.

The vans have been sorely-needed for some time, as current vans have gotten older and older. In fact, the district, at one time, had eight vans, but that number has now dwindled to just five.

Helping raise funds is Carrie Worra, who said, "We currently have 19 sports and 21 clubs at AHS. Each one fund raises for their needs. Transportation can be a big part of that. Often times a bus is bigger than what they need yet that is all that is available. For example, the JV and C tennis teams had to forfeit because all the vans were booked and they couldn't afford a school bus."

She added that another example is that baseball had six away games costing $3,000 in just one week. All of those games could have been taken care of with two vans.

What are they used for?

The vans allow smaller groups of students and student clubs to attend and participate in out-of-district activities rather than using full-sized school buses, which, frankly, cost more to operate. Activities include sports events, debate competitions, and choir performances.

The original plan was hashed out between ASH Principal Erin Duez, Athletics & Activities Director Justin Portz and Choir Director Carole Leander. The new vans would be owned by the district and would be assigned to high school.

The vans currently in use are over 20 yrs. old and no longer reliable enough to leave the county, so they would not help for games or events that are out of district. Apparently, some times coaches and club leaders go to Bellingham to rent a van, come back to Anacortes to get the students, then return van when they get back.

For questions or to donate, reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out their Facebook page.