Final Anacortes Election Update

Little has changed from the first vote count on election day three weeks ago to the final count and vote certification on Tuesday this week.

The leaders in contested races, including candidates TJ Fantini for City Council, Heather Brennan for School Board and Bonnie Bowers for Port Commissioner, remained in their leading positions three weeks later.

Here are the final numbers

Anacortes City Council

Ward 1, Ryan Walters 1,443 votes; 51 write-in votes
Ward 2, Christine Cleland-McGrath 1,484 votes; 32 write-in votes
Ward 3: TJ Fantini 1,802 votes; Linda Martin 1,213 votes; 2 write-in vote

Anacortes School Board

Position 3, Jack Curtis 5,850 votes; 73 write-in votes
Position 4, Jennie Beltramini 5,551 votes; 74 write-in votes
Position 5, Heather Brennan 5,421 votes; Edward Barton 3,474 votes; 18 write-in votes

Anacortes Hospital District

Position 1, Jan Iversen 5,946 votes; 48 write-in votes

Port of Anacortes

Position 3, Shawn Ottenbreit 6,401 votes; 62 write-in votes
Position 4, Bonnie Bowers 6,148 votes; Corey Joyce 4,708 votes; 10 write-in votes

Fidalgo Pool & Fitness District

Position 1, Jeremy McNett 5,282 votes; 42 write-in votes
Position 2, David Way 5,256 votes; 45 write-in votes
Position 4, Kenneth Hansen 5,187 votes; 43 write-in votes

Skagit County reported counting 31,999 ballots and said voter turnout was 37.29%. The vote was certified on November 28, 2023.