Community News

The Anacortes School District plans to transition school next year from a district-run pre-school to an expanded partnership with the YMCA for services at Whitney Early Learning Center.

The move will result in cost savings, while ensuring the number of pre-school slots remains the same or grows, said superintendent Mark Wenzel.

“While we hate to lose a successful ASD program, the proposed model continues strong service to local families and makes more sense economically,” said Wenzel. “We’re confident that children will continue to receive a strong pre-school experience on the Whitney campus.”

In the past Wenzel has cited an anticipated $1 million budget shortfall for the coming school year. 

YMCA program director Shirley Chu hopes to serve an additional 20 children with this expanded program. The YMCA currently serves 34 3-5 year-old children.

"We've enjoyed a strong partnership with the school district," said YMCA education coordinator Shirley Chu. "This expanded service will continue to fill the critical role of early learning in Anacortes."