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2018 0607 roundabout1

State DOT is set to open the Sharpes Corner Roundabout on Friday, but it will be limited to one lane, so traffic may continue to back up as drivers merge going into the roundabout.

This means no more route up the hill for Anacortes to I-5 travels but you’ll still need to merge into a single lane before entering the intersection. The left hand turn lane from I-5 to Whidbey Island traffic will get blocked off during this next stage and all those headed toward Whidbey Island will use one lane through the roundabout. The westbound bypass will remain as is for Anacortes bound travelers.

The speed limit remains 35 mph through this entire work zone, so please slow your speeds (even in the bypass lane) as crews will still be working close by. Businesses in this area remain open and to access them you’ll need to make right turns into driveways. Use the roundabouts to U-turn to access the business or driveway you want.

Ultimately, the roundabout is scheduled to be finished by the Fourth of July.