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The Anacortes School Board recently adopted a new 5-year Strategic Plan for the district, providing a focus on technology integration, social-emotional learning, and closing the achievement and opportunity gaps. 

The strategic slan is the culmination of work done in 2017 by the 28-member Strategic Planning Steering Committee, district administration, and school board. The plan builds on the district’s past success, and provides a roadmap of goals to achieve over the next five years. 

The plan sets forth a new vision and mission for the district, and is anchored by five pillars. 
The pillars are: 

  • Quality Instruction and Curriculum
  • Partnerships
  • Social-Emotional Learning 
  • Equity 
  • Stewardship 

“As a board, we are proud of this plan and grateful for the hard work of so many who participated in the process,” said Bobbilyn Hogge, school board president. “The new strategic plan honors our district’s current work while offering a renewed focus and commitment to excellence for every student in Anacortes."

Each year, the district will develop a District Improvement Plan, which will be based on the goals from the Strategic Plan. The district will provide the board with updates throughout the year on progress toward the goals. The Strategic Plan also includes Key Performance Indicators, which will show the district’s progress in areas such as kindergarten readiness, state assessments, attendance, and graduation rates. 

“I think this plan represents the Anacortes School District at its best,” said Superintendent Mark Wenzel. “It provides a strong, student-centered vision for the next five years.”