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Backpacks. Pencils. Notebooks. Vaccines? As you send your kids back to school, Skagit County Public Health encourages you to make sure their vaccinations are updated.

Updated vaccine requirements for schools and daycares can be found on the state Department of Health   Your child’s immunization records can be found online at

Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to get vaccines up to date. Some pharmacies are also able to provide vaccines to children. If you need assistance finding a health care provider, call 1-800-322-2588 or

If an outbreak of contagious disease occurs, students who are not fully up-to-date with vaccinations may be excluded from school until they are vaccinated or the outbreak is under control.  This protects your child and all children from the spread of disease. During the mumps outbreak last school year, students who weren’t up to date on their Measles/ Mumps/Rubella were excluded from school for 25 days or longer.

For more information, call Skagit County Public Health at 360-416-1500, or visit the state Department of Health Immunization Program or Centers for Disease Control Immunization Program.