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2017 0602 asf scholarship ceremony

The Anacortes Schools Foundation handed out 74 scholarships to graduating seniors and former graduates during a ceremony on May 31 at Brodniak Hall. The scholarships, worth more than $160,000, are due to generous donations from the community, according to the foundation.

Here’s a list of the scholarships and recipients.

  • Bill and Dorothy “Ho” Taylor Scholarship: Claire Martin;
  • Tesoro Community Scholarship: Aspen Eagle, Andrea Spurling, Derek Vance, Eric Olson, Jacob Bright;
  • Brar Science Scholarship: Heather Rolph;
  • Trident Seafoods Scholarship: Michael Aydellotte;
  • Island Hospital Scholarship In Memory of S.A. “John” Carabba: Rachel Stout, Kaitlyn Ware;
  • Joe Fox Award: Matthew Frost, Gabriella Zavala;
  • Jack & Vi Frisk Scholarship: Kimberly Meyer;
  • KaNDe Scholarship: Ruby Browning;
  • Shell Puget Sound Refinery Community Scholarship: Angela Kline, Noah Hieb, Rebecca Bateman, Jamie Henderson, Andrew Wilson; 
  • Ann W. Nord Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Stephanie Sherman;
  • Nathan Estvold Memorial Scholarship: Lauren Conrardy;
  • Anacortes Sister Cities Association Scholarship: Amy Winslow, Maria Dale;
  • Friends of the Anacortes Community Forest Lands Scholarship: Dylan Fox, Tristan Munich, Julia Soes;
  • Fidalgo Island Rotary/Connie Kelly Scholarship:  Jacob Johnson, Lyssa Petitclerc;
  • Anacortes Rotary Club Scholarship: Savannah Zullo;
  • Tom Stowe Memorial Scholarship: Lyssa Petticlere;
  • Larkworthy Engineering Scholarship: Lydia Weddle;
  • Richard and Marjorie Waldron Memorial Scholarship: Paige Mooney;
  • Love Like Noah Scholarship: Jackson Freier;
  • Greg Horak Memorial Scholarship: Arizona Weeks;
  • Hsu Family Scholarship: Lauren Boelke;
  • Frances M. Hyland Scholarship: Juliann Conrardy;
  • Deskin Scholarship: Whitney Hogge, Danielle Olsen, Holland Farr , Peter Correa, Olivia White, Nichole McInerny;
  • Floyd Willette Scholarship:  John MacKinnon;
  • Arnold & Cressa Houle Memorial Scholarship: Tristan Munich;
  • Richard Bliss White Scholarship: Lauren Medcalf;
  • Jack L. Symonds Memorial Scholarship: Jesse Keltner;
  • Kris Lytton Scholarship: Amy Tiland Niebruegge;
  • Lynn Dragovich Memorial Scholarship: Pearl Tottenham;
  • Okerlund Family Trust Scholarship: Sierra Scampher, Lydia Weddle, Sally Vaux;
  • STEM Scholarship: David Rodriguez, Elliott Briefer, Eli Moore, Emma Reidel, Maetja Verbardense;
  • Rosa Walrath Memorial Librarian Scholarship: Jaime Zullo;
  • Cooke Aquaculture Pacific Scholarship: Aaliyah Cervantes;
  • Harry W. Kegel and James Lewis Rumsey Scholarship: Zoe Hill;
  • Harold H. “Bud” Turner Scholarship: Dylan Fox;
  • Jim Rice Memorial Scholarship: Cecelia Mathias;
  • Temcov Foundation Scholarship: Sabrina Poor, Pearl Tottenham, Jaycee Pillman, Ellie Harrison, Brad Miller;
  • Kirvin Smith Memorial Scholarship: McKenna Nations-Pearson;
  • Bill Wells Memorial Scholarship: Ajaycee Pillman;
  • Dr. Malcolm Snyder Memorial Scholarship: Jessica Arroya-Sanchez, Jacqueline Favors;
  • Mildred Arndt Memorial Art Scholarship: Orianna Harper; Ruby Lindsey;
  • Anacortes Schools Foundation Scholarship: Savanah Zullo, Hannah Kaleel.

The Anacortes Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization whose mission is to foster excellence in education by supporting our local schools. The Foundation governed by a volunteer board representing a cross-section of the community.

The Foundation manages scholarship endowments totaling more than $2.6 million. The Foundation also funds a variety of school STEM enrichment programs, as well as scholarships for pre-schoolers who need tuition help, and has fulfilled teacher grant requests.

The Foundation raises funds from an all-ages “Fueling Education Fun Run,” sponsored by the Shell Puget Sound Refinery, in September. The Foundation supports STEM programs with the “Celebrate the Season” holiday event each December.

More information about the Anacortes Schools Foundation can be found at