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2016 0828 fire 600

The fire at Little Cranberry Lake is now 90% contained and improving. Fire crews from the state Department of Natural Resources remain working 14-16-hour shifts.

DNR staff including 44 hand crew, 3 engine staff, and 2 incident command staff are working the fire. The helicopter was released from service at 5pm Saturday evening. 18.5 acres have burned through the trail system.

The weather conditions have been favorable and even with the stronger winds on Saturday afternoon the crew was able to maintain the fire lines.

2016 0828 fire map

Residents are reminded that the entire Cranberry Lake trail system is closed until further notice. Later in the week, the west side of the trails may be reopened. Trails 102, 103, and 122 are closed indefinitely. In the areas where the fire has burned the trails are unstable due to underground burning that results in a high risk of the ground giving way to a fire burning below ground. There is also significant concern about trees being unstable as a result of the roots being compromised.

There have not been significant injuries beyond multiple bee stings and heat fatigue. Crews have been camping at the Anacortes Airport and Deception Pass State Parks.

DNR is pleased with the containment of the fire and expect to be on scene through Tuesday.

No evacuations are expected and no road delays are expected as part of the fire management.

An investigation is underway in to the source of the fire. Any pertinent information should be shared with the Anacortes Police Department.