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2015 1125 jenny krueger

A Starbucks employee here in Anacortes has designed a custom coffee blend which will be sold in their store on Friday.

Starbucks Coffee Master Jenny Krueger designed the San Juan Archipelago blend, actually a blend of blends, because she wanted to marry the flavors of three of her favorite Starbucks’ coffees; their Yukon Blend, their Espresso Blend and their House Blend.

As the package says, “Yukon Blend, a local favorite, forms the base. Expresso Roast adds a classic Starbucks sweetness, while House Blend ties it all together with a nutty finish.”

Jenny was recently named store Partner of the Quarter, which a sign in the store says, “Jenny truly lives the Starbucks Mission with the genuine connections she makes with customers, partners, and our community. She earns her “Coffee Master” status each day by passionately sharing her coffee knowledge with all who enter our store. Her high standards, integrity, and kind spirit make her invaluable to us!”

Jenny is at the Starbucks at Commercial & 18th most mornings.