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2015 1104 fiber optic

The City Council has delayed for at least two weeks action on a contract to design a citywide high speed fiber Internet network after receiving a letter from a fiber provider.

After hearing of the Council’s desire to move ahead with a fiber-to-the-home service, Wave Cable, which provides some fiber capability in Anacortes, approached the city and asked to be heard.

But, in a letter to the Mayor, Amy Thompson, Director of Product Management, Residential for Wave Cable, wrote that Wave agrees with the goals of providing better Internet service, “Within the next two weeks, we would like to assemble a team oï our experts who are experienced with delivering award-winning service throughout the Northwest and meet with you to expiore options.”

Wave Cable representative Fred Miller told the Council, “We very much would like to have a good hearty conversation with the city to see what we could do to help.”

Council member Matt Miller said, “We’re looking to go into competition with you. The Council is pretty unanimous in moving forward on fiber.”

The Council had, on its agenda last Monday night, a $35,000 contract with OFS of Norcross, Ga., to design a fiber optical network for Anacortes. After hearing of Wave Cable’s approach to the city, the Council decided to postpone discussion for another two weeks.