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2015 0814 school budget 600

The budget up for final approval by the school board this coming week includes about $2-million in additional state funding.

The chart provided by Lisa Matthews, the director of finance and operations for the Anacortes School District, shows how the district is moving past lean years when state budget cuts hurt Anacortes schools.

But, even with the additional state funds, the school district will spend $1.18 million more than it takes in. This is possible because over the last few years, spending has been delayed, amounting to a carryover for some funds.

The budget which the School Board will vote on Thursday, Aug. 19, includes spending of about $31.8 million, a nine-percent increase over the current school year and includes anticipated revenue of about $30.6 million for the 2015-2016 school year.

The budget anticipates about the same enrollment as the just-passed school year, a total of 2,688 students.

The school board meets Wednesday at 3:30 for a study session, then starts a business meeting at 6:15 that night.