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2015 0602 verizon wireless

Verizon Wireless is planning to build a new cell phone tower near Commercial Ave. and 30th St. Their request for a special permit was approved by the City Council on Monday night.

The proposed 70-foot tall white tower will be disguised as a flagpole and will sit about 200 feet west of Commercial Ave. on business property at 3010 Commercial. The actual antennas will be installed inside the tower and not be visible.

In its filing, Verizon said, “One key feature of the new cell site will be providing strong in-building coverage to the surrounding business and residential areas.”

Verizon proposed a 70 foot monopole, with a canister enclosure that provides a slick stick profile. The pole can be designed to function as a flag pole. However, at a neighborhood meeting, the issue was raised as to whether it really needed to be a flag pole - due to the requirement for lighting of the flag (if U.S. flag) and potential noise from the lanyard from high winds. The landlord has expressed a preference for the flag pole design, from an aesthetic viewpoint, but is willing to accept the slick stick design if so determined by the review agency.

Only City Council member Liz Lovelett voted against the combined Special Use Permit/Conditional Use Permit after expressing some concerns.