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2015 0311 high school speed zone2The city is planning to lower the speed limit for several streets around the high school from 25 to 20 miles per hour, in part as a result of a pedestrian being hit by a car making a turn.

In a memo to the City Council, city Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer said that speeding is not necessarily a rampant problem in the area, but it does occur occasionally.

“The reduction in speed to 20 mph does two things, 1) It lowers speeds to 20 mph which is very calm and allows for better visibility and, 2) Combined with the new four-way stop at this intersection (17th & K) allows for pedestrians and bike riders to become more equal users of the intersection.”

Seventeenth St. is a major entrance to the high school and is the entrance for most of the event parking in the afternoons and evenings during the school year, according to Buckenmeyer’s memo.

City Engineer Eric Shjarback told the City Council last Monday that the lower speed limits have the support of high school Principal Jon Ronngren, as well as Superintendent Mark Wenzel.

Police Chief Bonnie Bowers reminded the Council that construction at the high school over the next three years would alter traffic patterns.

If approved by the City Council, at its meeting next Monday, the lower speed limits would be in effect on school days from 7am to 4pm like current the current speed limit around the elementary and middle schools.