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2015 0304 asbc plan

The Anacortes Small Boat Center, a group devoted to mostly non-motorized small boats, is moving ahead with plans to construct a small building on the northeast corner of Cap Sante Marina to support sail, paddle and recreational light-duty hand-launched boats.

The group has reached an agreement with the Port and appears to have won support from the City Council, though wording of an agreement still needs polishing, for the group to build a pavilion and a separate storage shed on property that is partly owned by the port and the city.

The plan is still in the very early stages and city Parks & Recreation Director Gary Robinson told the City Council at their meeting last Monday that work may not even start this year. Beth Bell, President of the ASBC, told the Council that the group is really only looking for “cooperation and consensus.”

The ASBC is composed of about 60 individual and organization members, including the Old Anacortes Rowing & Sailing Society (OARS), the Anacortes Yacht Club and other smaller groups.

Bell told a reporter the plan is budgeted at $150,000 and could eventually consist of three buildings. But, the first phase would consist of a pavilion where meetings could be held, classes taught and other open activities, with a smaller building or storage container to hold supplies and equipment to allow boaters to work on their boats.

The Anacortes Small Boat Center has operated in cooperation with the Port and the City without an actual center or building for several years. They currently maintain a small boat storage yard at the north end of the marina. They also worked encouraged the port to build the small boat lift located on the P/Q dock, which allows small boats to be launched by hand.