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Former Port of Anacortes executive director Bob Hyde has been hired by the city of Mount Vernon as that city’s community development director.

Mount Vernon Mayor Jill Boudreau said Hyde is extremely well qualified to replace Jana Hanson, who recently retired. The city had two dozen applicants for the job. Bordeaux praised Hyde and said he is a great for the city, both personality-wise and accomplishment-wise.

City Council member Joe Lindquist said, “Bob brings the city technical expertise as a professional engineer, as well as a proven track record in economic development as a former port director.”

Late last year Hyde was apparently forced out of his job at the Port of Anacortes causing public speculation over why. Port Commissioners universally praised Hyde, but gave no reason for their action, which reportedly took Hyde by complete surprise.

In Mount Vernon, Hyde will be working on that city’s 2016 comprehensive plan update. as well working on the next section of Mount Vernon’s riverfront.