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High wind, combined with a high tide, last Friday night and Saturday morning damaged parts of the Guemes Trail underpinnings, forcing the trail to be closed while repairs are being made.

Jonn Lunsford, with the city Parks Department, said water driven up against the Guemes Trail by high wind caused fill, and in some cases, smaller riprap to be washed away.

“We were of course concerned that the asphalt could give way if the trail was in use so we worked with our Street Dept. to help us cut away the asphalt and refill the void. We plan on repaving these cut outs in the spring,” Lunsford said.


Lunsford said repair work is continuing, but he expects the trail to be open by this weekend. The city won’t do the paving work until the spring, however, he said.

He said the green in the top photo is actually seaweed that was washed up onto the trail.

Some damage was also done to sections of the Tommy Thompson Trail’s causeway, but the damage wasn’t as severe and the trail was never closed.

City of Anacortes photos.