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Over the coming year, the city will launch an ambitious program to replace all current street lights with newer LED streetlights at a cost of just over $200,000.

The photo shows new white LED street lights in the foreground with older yellow street lights in the background in Los Angeles, which coverted in the past few years.

City Public Works Director Fred Buckenmeyer said the conversion program will pay for itself in under four years. He said that the city currently spends about $170,000 a year for electricity on the current high pressure sodium street lights. He estimates that after the conversion, the city will spend around $120,000 a year.

The conversion includes new GE Evolve LED Roadway cobra heads which he said are IDA dark sky compliant. The new lighting will protect against light pollution, as recommended by the International Dark-Sky Association.

The project will be undertaken by Intolight Lighting Services, a service of Puget Sound Energy, which currently maintains the current street lights. They will own and maintain the new lights, too.

The City Council Monday night approved a contract with Intolight, which will replace all of the city’s 1,002 lights next year.