Community News


Stumps are all that’s left of eight trees that have been cut down in the 700 block of Commercial Ave. as part of the city’s $27,000 project to reduce trip hazards.

The trees were removed last weekend by Schwetz Construction. which is expected to begin reconstructing the sidewalks next week. The project is expected to take only about 10 working days.

Once work is done, new trees, Armstrong maples, will be planted. The trees being removed were planted in 2001 as part of a sidewalk replacement project. their root systems have expended beyond root barriers, causing sections of sidewalk to be lifted.

Deeper and wider tree wells will be dug and an aeration system will be constructed to encourage roots to grow down instead of spreading out.

Meanwhile, the city is hoping to get by with a less expensive process on other streets by vacuuming out the root area and installing new root barriers.