Community News


Solar power is coming to the Anacortes Library, thanks to a community group which will install a system similar to this one installed on the Middle School last year.

The city has agreed to lease space to a community group for $1,500 per year for six years in exchange for the the group building and installing a 17-kilowatt system. The group has already received approval for a $20,000 grant from the USDA to help fund the project.

Total cost of the project is about $80,000 including maintenance over the six year lease.

The community group includes about a dozen local community members, including Eric Shen, as well as Kevin Maas of Glacier Energy Inc. Biogas, CHP, and District Energy Development and Consulting.

The local members who fund the projects apply each summer to receive state incentive dollars--based on actual electricity production--to help repay the up-front cost.

After July 2020 the facility becomes the property of the city and we continue to benefit from the solar energy production. The solar panels have a 25-year warranty that will run out in 2040.

The City Council approved the lease agreement on Monday night.