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The median price of an Anacortes home that sold in May was $346,250, down more than ten percent from a year earlier. 

The housing market in Anacortes was soft in May, primarily due to terrible weather and the snow birds that lingered in their warm weather winter homes. In Anacortes, there were 34 sales last month with a median price of $346,250. In May of last year, there were 35 transactions with a median price of $395,000, a drop of nearly $50,000.

Housing statistics of "sold" properties report the activity of 60-90 days prior when Anacortes had extremely cold weather and snow. The tulips bloomed late this year and then were drowned in rainstorms...we have not had our usual beautiful spring!

Real estate agents judge what the future statistics will be by the number of sign calls, buyers, and showings that are currently taking place. In Anacortes we are seeing more Canadians looking for vacation homes and waterfront properties. Canada is not experiencing the mortgage issues that the U.S. has experienced, and with the value of the dollar our prices look like bargains compared with like properties in Canada. Our property taxes are also more attractive.

We are seeing a dramatic increase of buyers in the NW from all nationalities. I received a call last week from Russia and spoke with the client through an interpreter. Windermere Real Estate/Anacortes Properties has signed up to have Windermere Premier listings put on, which targets the international buyer. The website features luxury properties worldwide and is available in 9 Languages, 22 Currencies, and is currently being viewed by prospective buyers in 150 Countries.