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2015 0618 honk fest

An unbelievable show is coming to an unusual venue, the madrona grove behind the Depot Arts Center on Tuesday. National and international touring brass bands totaling 40 performers among bands from Perth, Australia, Arcata, Calif. and Chicago, Ill. will perform.

The bands invited to play share common characteristics: they are ambulatory; they use instruments that can be simultaneously carried and played; and they utilize little or no electronic amplification. As a result, the bands are able to play while moving. There is no generally agreed-upon label for this type of band; labels in use include "activist street band," "radical marching band," and "community street band."

HONK! Fest West presents the following bands traveling together for a very special tour:

Junkadelic Brass Band (Perth, Western Australia)
SambAmore (Arcata, Calif.
Environmental Encroachment (Chicago)

Junkadelic Brass Band. Musically blending street rhythms with – New Orleans style blues – Funk grooves - Latin flavors and hip-hop, the band is full of surprises – not the least of which is the beats and rhythms from the recycled percussion section.

SambAmore. “Samba + love = SambAmore. That's the derivation of the name for Arcata's drum/dance/music ensemble, a 10- to 25-piece outfit. The group consists of drums, horns, steel pans and Brazilian style dancers. A celebration, sight and sound to behold, SambAmore creates an atmosphere of joy, fun, high energy and inescapable rhythm with every performance.

Environmental Encroachment. EE fuses traditional Latin and North African rhythms with folk, jazz, and rock melodies, along with incorporating circus antics, costumes, and dance, to provide a spectacle which has been described as “incomparable to anything in the world.”

The show starts at 7pm on June 23 at the madrona grove behind the Depot Arts Center, 611 R Ave. No admission charge. Sponsored by the Anacortes Music Channel.