Shipwreck Fest


Forty years ago, our commercial fishermen sold their used gear as yard art on Commercial Ave. "Shipwreck" has evolved into a massive community garage sale including flea market and antique vendors.

The event technically starts at 8 am, but there are usually some businesses and booths that get started right at first light, just like the old time fishermen used to. This event features over 200 vendors set up in booths along Commercial Ave.; each booth brings something new and usually very eclectic, and you are sure to find something that you can’t live without. There are also some food stands set up that serve a variety of different and delicious treats.

This  event is family friendly and is organized by the Fidalgo Island Rotary Club. But, please leave your pet at home. 


  • What hours are the festival?  8am-4pm
  • Where is the event?  The event is held on Commercial Blvd from 10th to 3rd street.  
  • Where is parking available?  Street parking is available east and west of Commercial Blvd.  East of Commercial, near 10th and Q Ave there is a parking lot.
  • Are there food booths set up as well?  A very limited number of food booths (mostly drinks and snacks) are available.  Plenty of restaurants on Commercial are open during the festival.
  • Why are pets not allowed?  We appreciate if if you keep your pets at home because the event gets very crowded.