Kris Lytton Legislative Report

After a long and busy interim, we are now less than four weeks from the start of session. I have really enjoyed my time back in the district—the opportunity to spend time with my family, visit with friends, and meet with constituents has been refreshing.

Just Add Water


Just Add Water You came, you planted, you made a difference ̶ a dramatic difference!

Twenty volunteers answered a plea from the evening before to create a planting party at the beach. You planted well over 500 plants in a matter of a few hours, scattered throughout the day.

Vote on Election Day

2012-1105-vote.jpg Tuesday is Election Day. I guess it's still called that, even though we don't all vote on that day. If you haven't voted and mailed or dropped off your ballot at this ballot box behind the library, do it now. I miss Election Day, the old Election Day, that is.

We're back...mostly

We've had some technical problems, but we're back. Our host had a hard drive failure and when they put our database back together, it wasn't all there. We ended up losing all the stories from Feb. 3, 2011 to early October 2012, the most recent story backup that was clean.

We will strive to continue coverage of events in Anacortes.

Kristine Lytton's Legislative Update

As the fourth week of session begins, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share this update with you. As always, please let me know if there are issues you’d like to see addressed in these updates.

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