Sweeping Scotch Broom Away


This invasive plant threatens native vegetation and wildlife, costs the logging industry and government of Washington State tens of millions of dollars annually in lost revenue and expense to control, and is a designated Noxious Weed.

Kiket Island might open next year


The Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and Washington State Parks have found funding to build a small parking lot and develop trails to allow anyone to the treasure called Kukutali Preserve on Kiket Island.

Member Appreciation Day at Farmers Market

Supporters of the Farmers Market! This is a wonderful new way to support YOUR Farmers Market and receive awesome discounts from your favorite vendors.

Hope Restored


Little by little. Year by year. One at a time, but faster than the Scotch broom can recover. That’s how progress is being made at Hope Island.

First Warm Showers guests this year

Alik Tataryn & Amanda Newton are our first Warm Showers guests for this year. They hail from Victoria, BC, and are travelling around NW Washington on their bicycles.

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