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Wedding Guests Build Benches!


It isn’t often that a wedding party has to build their own seating just to enjoy the wedding. The Dight family, however, had more than their own party in mind when they got involved at the Cornet Bay Retreat Center at Deception Pass State Park.

They asked about the seating at the outdoor amphitheater at the retreat center, and when they found out it needed to be replaced, they did it.

Arriving a day early to get working, they used a template built by park staff to then build well over a dozen more benches based on that model.

They got to work in the park wood shop, carefully cutting and drilling and joining the many pieces together.

When they were built and sanded, they then loaded them onto a truck and moved them to the retreat center for their wedding the next day.

The weather cooperated at just the right time for the bride and groom to allow the guests to sit on the brand new benches to witness the ceremony.

And now the benches remain for retreat center guests for many years into the future.

Our hats are off and our hearts are grateful for this generous gift by the Dight family and friends to be enjoyed by thousands more in the future!

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