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Letter: Help the Enchantress rest in peace

By Colin Middleton

The Enchantress, the partially sunken tugboat in Fidalgo Bay has become a landmark for tourists and residents of Anacortes alike. Unfortunately, the old tug is polluting the waters and some people think she should be cut up and hauled to a landfill at great expense. I’ve been out to the Enchantress and studied her close up and I believe the best course of action is to clean her up and leave her to rest in her current location.

There are only about five other known World War II era Mikimiki class tugboats left today with the same design as the Enchantress. There were ten built and most of the other ones have already rotted away. The Enchantress was a handsome vessel in her prime and still has much of her charm.

It has been noted that the tug contains many contaminants including fluorescent lights, mechanical equipment, anti fouling paint, and some other compounds commonly found in older vessels. Rather than scrapping the entire boat, we should clean the contaminants off her in order to make her friendly to the environment. When she is clean of all pollutants, she can remain in the harbor for all to enjoy where she will, in time, decay naturally.

It would be a shame to throw something away that so many people put so much effort into. Why destroy something so handsome and rare? It was a great day for everyone who was involved with the Enchantress when she was launched. Between that day and this, she has had a long working history for many owners. Her work has taken her to many different and far away places throughout North America. What would the people that labored to build the Enchantress say about her final resting place being a landfill?

To sum up, we need to help the Enchantress rest in peace. This vessel has become a part of local lore. All the garbage should be taken off her and then she could remain in the harbor. We shouldn’t just throw her away because there are only five of her kind left in the whole world. There are contaminants on her that are polluting but they can be cleaned up. Furthermore, many people have worked hard to build this majestic tug, they would want something good for her.

Editor's Note: Colin is a 7th grader.

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