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A Wish List for 2016

As I write this last column for Anacortes Now, I would like to thank Art for taking a chance with me.  I appreciated having this space in which to write for these past two years. 

My last column will entail a wish list for humanity, for animals and nature, and for my sanity. 

  1. I wish for more love, respect, and kindness towards the self, and towards others, including animals and nature.  Adopt a pet.  Go to a local shelter and see all of the abandoned animals.  In my opinion, no one should be breeding pets.
  2. I wish for more purity and less fraud in our government, in our food system, and in corporations.
  3. I wish for more culture and less consumerism.
  4. I wish for more safety and less aggression and distraction on the roads.  Driving while texting is just as dangerous as driving under the influence.
  5. I wish for people to have healthier coping skills; talking through, instead of acting out, their feelings and emotions.
  6. I wish for more connection among people, but I find that most people are more connected to their phones than to reality.
  7. I wish for more selflessness and less selfishness; more service and less entitlement.
  8. I wish for a society with more depth and less superficiality.
  9. Perhaps a controversial wish, but to me, the Earth is feeling crowded.  Natural resources and space are limited on this planet, yet overpopulation is rarely talked about.  I chose not to have children for various reasons, but the main one being overpopulation.  I am happy that I followed through with this decision.  My wish is for people to be more conscious about their decision to be parents.  If you do not want children, then don’t.  In addition, statistically speaking, children of unplanned pregnancies are more likely to suffer abuse and/or neglect than children of planned pregnancies.  I would like to see more conscious parenting.  I observe many parents paying more attention to their phones than to their children.  And television is not a substitute for parenting.  If you made the choice to have children, be a responsible parent and be a positive role model.
  10. Finally, I wish for peace, within our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Happy New Year and thank you for reading my columns.

Take good care.


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