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AHS Robotics Team headed home

AHS Robotics Team headed home

The Anacortes High School robotics team wound up an exciting four days at the World Championships in St. Louis, Mo. and headed home on Sunday after failing to reach the quarter finals. They qualified for worlds in 22nd place out of 154 teams from Wash. and Ore.

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Springtime in Japan

Springtime in Japan

I traveled to Osaka, Japan for Spring Break to be immersed in Japanese culture and to witness the cherry and plum blossoms; they were remarkable.

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  • The Washington Attorney General’s Office is asking the state Supreme Court to allow the Legislature an extension for turning in its homework. The Attorney General’s Office sent a memo to the Washington Supreme Court Monday to say that the Legislature...

  • It’s a gorgeous spring day and riding the ferry Puyallup from Bainbridge to Seattle is a bit like being trapped in a pretty postcard. I’m chatting with a couple visiting from Auckland, New Zealand. They are marveling at the city...

  • In tense voting Monday, the Seattle City Council appointed John Okamoto, former director of Seattle’s Human Services Department, to fill an open seat until next fall’s elections. In the weeks leading up to the full council vote, the big question was: seat-warmer...

  • Seattle’s rap scene has a kind of Yin and Yang complex. On one side are the shining intellectual Paladins, “message” rappers like (duh) Macklemore, The Blue Scholars and, to some extent, Shabazz Palaces. Moor Gang (often caps locked as MOORGANG)...

  • “Helicopter parents” is the term used to describe hovering, hyper-success focused moms and dads, but the parents featured on the Discovery Life channel program, World’s Worst Mom, are more like prison wardens. Over-protective to the point of paranoia, they incarcerate...

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